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Week of September 9th – 13th

  • Stocks soared in a sudden trade thaw. China said it would exempt 16 U.S. products from tariffs. President Trump then agreed to delay levies on some Chinese imports, and China tossed pork and soybeans into the no-tariff basket. The White House then put a damper on a deal. Still, for the week the Dow industrials rose 1.6%, to 27,219.52; the S&P 500 was up 1%, to 3,007.39; and the Nasdaq Composite edged up 0.9%, to 8176.71
  • People keeps putting money in bond funds. Equities will rally even more at some point.
  • Argentina, all is quiet on the Western Front. Sept. 15th decision on the additional $5.4 bi.
  • Apple introduces new products. Phone, Ipad, Watch and Streaming service. New products, but a long march. It is about the camera!
  • CPI, e. 2.3% (July 2.2%). Core e. 1.8% – a. 2.4% / 1.7%
  • Retail Sales better than expected, 0.4% e 0.2% (july revised up 0.8%)
  • China-US: stop gap small deal could happen. Now Soybeans excluded. Tariffs delayed to Oct. 15th from 1st.
  • ECB Moves to do whatever it takes
  • Buns 10yr with less of a change, the bazooka was smaller.
  • WeWork, the saga continues. Now some investors are pushing for a 
  • Aramco attack. Largest refinery of the world, 5% of world consumption (5mmbd). Saudi says ⅓ will be restored by monday. Crude expected +5$.
  • UN starts on Tuesday 
  • The Fed meets on Wednesday