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Week of November 25th -29th

  • Very short week, do not make many conclusions about the market
  • More and more indicators, PMI, IHS Markit, Michigan Consumer Confidence speak of a recovery in consumer sentiment and business activity.
  • M&A Monday:
    1. Schwab-Ameritrade $26bi
    2. LVMH-Tiffany’s $16bi
    3. Novartis buys Medicines for $9bi
  • The Real keeps drifting lower. Why? No real answer on why.
  • The Vix index at the lows, should we prepare for a spike?
  • Who is crying wolf? Markets ignore the news coming from Beijing or DC. Investors Fatigue.
  • Alibaba +7% in its Hong Kong debut.
  • Q3 GDP revised to 2.1% from 1.9%. Q2 was 2.0%