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Week of March 18th – 22th

  • Deutsche-Commerzbank fusion, you have to fire 30k people in Frankfurt only.
  • Lyft starts the IPO roadshow
    $ 2.1bi of sales 2x in a year
    Losses of $ 900m ($ 700mm in 2017)
    3x the number of drivers to 18mm
    Overwritten, mcap of $ 23bi possible.
  • Paypal: one of our favorites reaches $ 100. We like not to sell it. Strong competition but still Ok. Alliance with MercadoLibre.
  • Emerging metals and oil continue their upward course.
  • Bolsonaro – Trump: two right-wing leaders come together
    Important commitment of strategic alliance in the region.
    Allied special military
    Focus on: Venezuela, Terrorism, Drug Trafficking and Human Trafficking
    Meanwhile Temer prisoner
  • The Fed: Great surprise, said there were no more rate hikes in the year. Rate markets, fx flew
    10yr to 2.55%, gold and metals up
    DXY – 1%
    The stock not so because the Fed also lowered the estimate of growth and inflation.
  • Levi global icon went public, Mcap $ 6.6 Bi, sales of $ 5.5bi. Very difficult business.
  • China-US negotiations in critical phase. The markets are a little tense with the possibility that the negotiations derail. We are not worried, nobody is interested at this point in the topic of kicking the board.
  • Apple, we discussed it last week, it had gone up 6%.
    It is said that he would be buying his own shares.
    He is about to present a streaming product of videos and movies.
  • Brexit, it extends only for two weeks. Markets spoke of June. Surprise
  • Google launches Stedia