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Week of March 11th – 15th

  • Boeing
    FAA says everything is fine with the plane
    China, Australia, Singapore do not fly it for now. We talked with experts and they believe that is an easy fix
  • Venezuela, US order embassy personnel to leave the country.
    The electrical situation is still out of control
    Interview with VP of Brazil Moureao, Gral who was a military attaché in Caracas.
  • Grain Complex continues to fall
    Record harvests in Argentina, Brazil and the US
  • Retail inflation without surprises.
    Below what was expected.
    1.5 vs 1.6e, core 2.1 vs 2.2e
    Medicines, hospital expenses, cars what fell more
    Rates of ten years US 2.6%, Can 1.7%, Jap -.05%, Alem .01%
  • Retail sales were better than expected
  • Brexit, again the possible agreement fell. The most probable thing is that an extension is requested according to the experts. I needed 317 votes the vote was 242/391
  • Uber chooses MS to go public. Between Uber and Lyft it will be very interesting. However, he decides to sell part of his car business without a driver to SoftBank for $ 1bi. Did they lose faith in that business?
  • Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp
  • Apple, + 6% in the week. MS Report