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Week of January 13th 17th, 2020

Nuestro Video del Fin de Semana

  1. Emerging currencies and markets have a good start. EEM / RSX / EWZ / EWW
  2. Concern about market concentration. In the late 90s, it was the same.
  3. Exploding up was the risk we discussed earlier. Here we are We have never had such a long economic cycle. This is the fear / problem.
  4. Problems of Brazil? The real continues to fall, affecting stocks and other investments. Retail sales were weak and inflation in December was much higher than expected.
  5. China, IP, retail sales and fourth quarter GDP was better than expected. Not everything is easy to believe but useful signs.
    Bank earnings PPI, CPI and retail sales.
  6. The fourth quarter earnings season began with JPMorgan Chase publishing a 21% increase in earnings. Actions rose, fluctuated and rose again, driven by technology.
  7. As more records fell, Alphabet became the fourth American action to cross the bill of dollars market capitalization line. During the week, Dow industrialists rose 1.8% to 29,348.10; the S&P 500 advanced 2%, to 3329.62; and the Nasdaq compound gained 2.3%, to 9388.94
  8. However, other metrics show that the market is really in the process of merging. John Kolovos, chief market strategist at Macro Risk Advisors, notes that the 10-day moving average of the S&P 500, a measure of the index’s short-term trend, is more than 9.25% above its moving average of 200 days, long term measure
  9. The 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum meets in Davos, Switzerland. This year’s theme will be «Stakeholders for a coherent and sustainable world.