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Week of December 23th – 27th

1. Christmas sales break a historical record.
2. However, the weight of the consumer in the US economy. UU. Is dangerously tall
3. XLF is struggling with long-term resistance.
4. MSCI EM Currencies closes at the highest of the year => EEM? 2020
5. XLE, pm200 at 62. Close at $ 60.5
6. A good start due to the relaxation of China
China Surprise CB cuts rates
7. Iran, oil, shocks. To protect some portfolio gains, investors can buy bearish options in the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust t (ticker: SPY). With SPY at $ 322.41, investors can buy the $ 320 option in March and sell the $ 300 option in March. For $ 4, investors can earn a maximum profit of $ 16 if SPY is at $ 300 at maturity. If the market fell 10%, the SPY trade would compensate for approximately 80% of the loss. During the past 52 weeks, SPY has ranged between $ 247.17 and $ 324.89
8. Oil With USE at $ 13.18, investors can buy the February call of $ 13 for 68 cents. The call is «in the money», which means that it will largely track movements in the associated fund. Then, for less than a dollar, investors can potentially benefit from what could be one of the most volatile operations on the planet. If the United States goes to war with Iran, oil prices will probably rise. At $ 17, the call is worth $ 4, which represents a 388% return. During the past 52 weeks, USO has ranged between $ 10.06 and $ 13.86
9. The January effect started well.