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Week of August 26th – 30th

    • US-China formal negotiations start this week. Get ready for some Yo-yo markets.
    • As the Summer is over the war of the Numbers will be in full force. The media is biased on Recession, sells more adds, the numbers less so, the market is the ultimate judge.  At some point investors will just focus on what the underlying fundamentals are,” he says, referring to low unemployment, high consumer confidence, and rising wages
    • Bond rates keep falling, negative rates are everywhere. If you pay to get your money managed, art kept, second home ditto, why not for the government to do the same?!
    • In the Q2 GDP revision 2.1% to 2.0%, the consumer did record spending. In the meantime Q3 GDP is expected to be under 2%
    • Dorian is now a Cat V Hurricane, second strongest ever recorded.
    • Argentina, too long to write. See the video