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Las Reflexiones de Winston – Semana del 9 al 13 de marzo

Nuestro Video del Fin de Semana

  • Rate cut & liquidity injection, more cuts expected his week
  • ECB QE program, no rate cut
  • Prohibition to travel
  • Bonds at record low levels of yield
  • UK cut rates
  • US $50 bi of Emergency spending plus some new measures by the Congress
  • Germany huge fiscal spending
  • New things will emerge
  • Older people using more online shopping
  • Pros and Cons of telecommuting
  • Responsibility of the governments on how they handled the crisis – big democratic test
  • OPEP+ fell out in style. Moscow is going after shale producers. It is War! (Stay away). XLE & Co. Down 20%+. XOM has a 7% DVD. Venezuela will be hard hit => regime change?
  • Vix at 75
  • La valuacion del S&P ahora mas razonableArgentina CDS blew to the sky, after Lebanon default and Ecuador near by. ?