Resumen Semanal del 3 al 6 de Septiembre

El Dow Jones Industrial Average avanzó 394.18 puntos, o 1.5%, a 26,797.46 la semana pasada, mientras que el S&P 500 subió 1.8% a 2978.71, y el Nasdaq Composite subió 1.8% a 8103.07. Esas ganancias siguieron al aumento de 2.8% de la semana pasada en el S&P 500 y marcaron la primera racha ganadora de dos semanas desde julio

Week of August 26th – 30th

As the Summer is over the war of the Numbers will be in full force. The media is biased on Recession, sells more adds, the numbers less so, the market is the ultimate judge. At some point investors will just focus on what the underlying fundamentals are,” he says, referring to low unemployment, high consumer confidence, and rising wages.

Resumen Semanal del 12 al 16 de Agosto

Argentina PASO, massive defeat for Macri’s government. By the end of the week, Fitch Ratings cut sovereign rating by three notches to CCC. S&P Global cut rating by one notch to B-, outlook negative. Argentina, are the bonds discounting a restructuring already? CDS from 50% to 75%. FX is the key.