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When it comes to the thorny subject of how to bill clients,there is no perfect solution.

Let’s imagine you go the dentist and are told you need a root canal that costs $2,500. It’d be reasonable to ask, ‘Doctor, are you sure that is necessary? Can’t we just fix it and move on? The cost is quite high.’ Yet nobody I know seeks a second opinion on root canals. We either trust in the professional and do it, or we don’t. The lawyer who bills hourly, doesn’t he study a case more than is necessary? Similarly, the plumber always seems to find an expensive piece of equipment that needs to be replaced, much like the car mechanic.

There are any number of professions where specific knowledge of one subject creates a gulf between the buyer and the seller. This is an issue that is continuously questioned within our industry: the conflict of interests and the question of how to bill clients. Let’s look at the three most popular models.y.

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